What this service includes:

Name, firm/organization, contact information, admission date, area of practice, gender pronouns, and languages of practising lawyers of the Law Society of New Brunswick and the students-at-law registered with the LSNB.

What this service does not include:

Contact information for non-practising, retired, suspended, disbarred, or former members of the Law Society of New Brunswick.

The directory includes the ability to search by name, firm/organization, location, area of practice, gender pronouns, and languages.


For member status explanations and other definitions, click here.

Discipline History:

All complaints referred to the Discipline Committee after July 1, 2009 are considered public and a list of these matters is available on our Discipline Cases page. All matters that arose before July 1, 2009 are not public.

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Member Status Insurance Status

It is each lawyer’s responsibility to ensure their information is accurate. Lawyers can update their information through the profile update located in the member portal.

This service is provided to members of the legal profession and the public to search for individual lawyers they may wish to contact on a professional basis or to verify their status. The information is not to be used for any commercial, marketing, or fundraising purposes. It is optional for members to list their area of practice and contact information.

Disclaimer: The Law Society of New Brunswick does not endorse a lawyer’s proficiency in any area of practice, nor does it guarantee a lawyer will agree to accept a client. There are no guarantees of competence or expertise in the area of law. The onus is on the consumer of legal services to ascertain a lawyer’s level of experience in a particular area of law.